• Creation of Marketing concepts, strategies, communication and competitive analysis in the aluminium business and beyond
  • Focused technical and commercial launch of innovative semifinished aluminum products in European markets (including thick, high-strength aluminum panels in mold-, engine- and tool construction and in aviation)
  • Implementation of our sales in the aluminum trade in Germany, France and Switzerland. Thereby establishment of branches, sales offices and storage- and processing facilities


  • Establishment of production facilities for the treatment and processing of aluminum plates, tapes and sheets
  • Building lean advertising departments as part of a conceived marketing concept
  • Rearrangement of an aluminium company on process management
  • Concept, introduction, maintenance and care of quality management systems according to ISO 9001/14001 in trading and manufacturing companies
  •  Merger of various brandnames after business combinations
  • Complete business management and leadership in the aluminum trade and aluminum machining as CEO
  • Fulfillment of operational tasks in several boards / councils


  • Maximizing productivity in aluminum rolling and extrusion plants
  • Merging different technology systems including identification and implementation of synergies
  •  Development and implementation of qualitatively excellent functional surfaces, also on the basis of nanotechnology
  • Product development of "sandwich composites"


  • Staff training and coaching at all levels of various companies. Targeted personnel acquisition, selection, appointment and monitoring; HR management
  • Transnational advisory for Germany / Switzerland-Switzerland / Germany, taking into account specific differences and habits