The new aluminium technology identification and monitoring platform

Technology and innovation development has seen a strong growth over the past years. Patent information being part of the big data reality, the number of published patents has known a dramatic and constant increase in the Aluminium Industry. Timely information about the most recent technology and innovation activities in the respective markets become a key prerogative for sustainable decision making and development in the Aluminium business.


SwissAluNet, the independent network of highly qualified, experienced aluminium experts, has teamed up with technology monitoring specialist CENTREDOC in order to offer to the Aluminium Industry a highly added value solution for innovation monitoring in the area of patents, technology and literature. 

RIA regroups many years of Aluminium Expertise with a unique, experienced tool for patent and scientific literature handling, which makes it the most comprehensive asset for Technology Monitoring services throughout the Aluminium industry. 


Each month, RIA publishes an easy to use monitoring bulletin with the following coverage :

  • Primary
  • Casting and Homogenising
  • Alloys (1000-8000, unclassified)
  • Composite Materials
  • Superplastic deformation
  • Litho 
  • Clad Products and Heat Exchanger Alloys
  • Heat Treatment and Mechanical Processing
  • Rolling Processes and Equipment
  • Extrusion
  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Joining and Welding
  • Surface Treatment
  • Packaging
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Mass Transportation
  • Industry
  • Recycling
  • Miscellaneous 

Geographic Coverage

The RIA monitoring currently covers the following countries : US Patents, GB Patents, European and WIPO Patent Applications, Chinese, Japanese and Korean Patents.

Secured Cloud Platform

The RIA is delivered through the secured Cloud Platform “RAPID”, which is a recognized «Swiss made software» used by technology leaders such as Nestlé, Swatch and Sanofi to perform their innovation monitoring and management. It lets you access your monitoring from any computer while ensuring the highest confidentiality degree through a server system based in Switzerland. 

Your advantages

RIA users get the fastest access throughout the Aluminium Industry to newly developed technology and innovation. They will benefit from the access to the international innovation databases by highly experienced Aluminium patent monitoring specialists for information selection and categorisation. They will get patent and literature information from the best available commercial sources, including high quality translation to English for every invention, through a secured monitoring platform to access and personalise their data everywhere, at any time.

Subscription to beta-version

Subscribe to the beta version of RIH and be amongst the first to benefit from this unique Innovation Monitoring.